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Year 6 Homework



Year 6 Weekly Homework

Maths and/or English Homework is given out on Fridays and collected on Mondays. 


Arithmetic papers must be completed in 30 minutes. If not completed, take 15 more minutes to continue, preferably in a different colour, or indicated in some other way. If competed in under 30 minutes then use the remaining time to check work!


Reasoning papers must take 40 minutes.


Your child will need a quiet, peaceful space to complete their homework. If this is not possible your child is welcome to complete their paper at school during lunchtime. (Mon-Wed)

If your child is unsure about a question, please refer them back to Mrs Kahraman for support.


Weekly spelling homework booklets are handed out at the beginning of the term and tested weekly every Friday.












Other subjects are covered in the Takeaway Menu Homework