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7th January  2020


Dear Parents,


Happy New Year! I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year with excitement and enthusiasm for all that is to come. 2020 has been dedicated as the The Year of the Word – The God who speaks and so we will be looking at how we can celebrate, live and share God’s word as a school community.


School Nurse

The nurse will continue to hold drop-in sessions once every month in school. The next session will be on Monday 27th January. If you would like to discuss any health concerns that you have for your child – bed wetting, asthma, allergies, frequent illness etc – sign up for a 10 minute slot at the office.


School Applications

If you have a child who is due to start school in September 2020, please be aware that applications are now open and must be completed by January 15th.


If you have a child who is due to start school in September 2021, you are welcome to collect a Mass attendance card in preparation for your application.


Admission Policy 2021-2022

The school’s draft admission policy for 2021-2022 is currently out for consultation. Please find a copy on our school website along with details on how to respond.



Year 6 children who have returned their consent forms will be undertaking their bikeability training in the week beginning 20th January. These children will need to bring their bikes to school on Monday 20th along with a cycle helmet, waterproof clothing and a bike lock. The bikes must not be ridden on the school premises, including the playground, but should be locked to the fence by the prayer garden


Challenge Partners

Following the success of our work with Challenge Partners last year when we were able to evaluate the impact of the teaching and learning at St John’s as well as offer staff fruitful experiences of evaluating teaching and learning in other schools, we have decided to continue with this initiative. We will be welcoming reviewers to St John’s during the week of 27th January when they will work with us to look closely at how the teaching and learning meets the needs of the children at our school.


Building Fund

As a school, we continue to urge parents to contribute to the building fund. This fund is essential to Catholic schools for the maintenance and development of the school buildings.



Year 5 will begin their second set of swimming lessons on Thursday 16th January for 10 weeks.



As I mentioned at the end of term assembly, it is very important for children to arrive on time to school. Lateness is not only disruptive to the class as a whole but also unsettling for children who miss vital information at the beginning of the school day. If you are a family who have found it difficult to arrive on time to school, please try to leave some extra time in the morning to support your child by getting them here by 8.45am.


Packed Lunch

A polite reminder that we ask that packed lunches do not include nuts or nut products. We also ask you to consider how healthy the lunch is as we recommend sandwiches/pasta/rice along with fruit, yoghurt and other healthy snacks rather than packs of biscuits or packs of sausage rolls.



Thank you for continuing to support us in insisting on correct school uniform. Please remember that shoes should be plain black and that long hair should be tied back and there should be no lines or patterns shaved in to hair.


Parent Governor

We still have a vacancy for a parent governor and would welcome any interest in this position. If you would like to discuss this role and/or put your name forward, please contact the office before midday on Friday 24th January. If we have more than one name by this date, we will arrange an election.


Term Dates

The term dates can be found on the school website or requested from the office.

The school and nursery will be closed for the following INSET days this academic year;

Friday 31st January

Monday 29th June

Wednesday 22nd July


Thank you once again for your continued support.


Yours sincerely,

L. Park

Head Teacher






Tuesday 7th                                       Year 6 Drama Workshop

Tuesday 14th                                     Year 4 Drama Workshop

Wednesday 15th                               Year 6 Mass

Thursday 16th                                   Year 5 Swimming Lessons Begin

Monday 20th                                      Year 6 Bikeability Week

                                                            Year 5 ‘Guess my Job’ Workshop

Tuesday 21st                                     Year 1 Drama Workshop

Wednesday 22nd                              Year 4 Mass

                                                            Year 5 ‘Get Inspired’ Fair:Guildhall

Monday 27th                                      School Nurse Drop-in

Friday 31st                                         INSET Day – School and Nursery Closed




Wednesday 5th                                 Year 5 Mass

Tuesday 11th                                     Safer Internet Day

Wednesday 12th                               Year 3 Liturgy

Friday 14th                                         3.30pm Half Term Begins

Wednesday 26th                               Ash Wednesday Liturgy



Monday 2nd                                       Start of Fairtrade Fortnight

School Nurse Drop-in

                                                            Parents Evening

Tuesday 3rd                                       Parents Evening

Wednesday 4th                                 Year 2 Liturgy

                                                            Parents Evening

Thursday 5th                                      World Book Day

Wednesday 11th                               Year 1 Liturgy

                                                            Year 5 Trip: Beaulieu

Wednesday 18th                               Year R Liturgy

Wednesday 25th                               KS 2 Penitential Service



Friday 3rd                                           1.30pm Easter Break begins