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Curriculum Statement 20192020

Our vision is to ensure that all of our pupils feel safe and happy, whilst being supported and challenged to meet their full potential across a broad and balanced curriculum. We aim to prepare them to be responsible, Christian citizens of the 21st century in our ever-changing world.


We believe that every child is made in the image of God and as such will be treated as a truly valuable and unique member of our school community. The Gospel values are at the heart of all we do at St John’s and our curriculum aims to make these real and relevant in every area of school life. This is echoed in our mission statement – Loving to learn; Learning to Love.

The introduction of the new primary curriculum in September 2014 has given us the opportunity to review and develop our curriculum vision. We have designed a relevant, purposeful curriculum which we believe reflects the mission of our school, prepares our children as life-long learners and meets the needs of our diverse community.


A creative approach to the curriculum makes learning enjoyable for the children whilst giving them the chance to transfer and embed key skills and knowledge. Through a variety of topic based and discrete teaching, our children are able to explore their local environment, their personal heritage and people, places and issues in the wider world. Our curriculum is very much values led. As well as the Gospel values permeating every area of the curriculum, we also endeavour to instil the values of British citizenship such as democracy, freedom and developing an appreciation of our British culture. These we address through themed assemblies, well-chosen topics and an ethos of tolerance and respect.

Through excellent teaching, personalised learning and our close partnership with parents, we aim for our children to become resilient, life long learners.

For more information on the curriculum please read our curriculum newsletters and follow the link to the National Curriculum Website.                National Curriculum in England: Primary




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