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19th December 2017…What a busy day we have had!



We went to Natwest to pay in the money for Save the Children. We even had to sign the paperwork.

Vouchers for the homeless

Today we went into town, we took the money raised from the chocolate tombola and bought Vouchers for the homeless to have at Christmas. Thank you for all of your support in raising this money.

14th December


Dear Parents


Thank you for everyone who took part in the Christmas jumper fundraising, we are pleased to tell you that we raised £92.43 for Save the Children. We had a great time enjoying our christmas meal whilst wearing our jumpers.


Thank you also for supporting our Chocolate Tombola, we are grateful for all of you who came after school to take part in this event. This is the first year that school council have run this project so we would like to thank the staff for letting us take control! Together we raised £166.60 which is a fantastic amount of money and we are looking forward to buying vouchers for the homeless people of Portsmouth. We are proud to be helping them to have a good christmas too.



        Thnks again for your support.                             

          Merry Christmas.






            School Council