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Spring 2020 - After School Clubs








Year Groups











Reading Club


8.15am - 8.45am




5 & 6

3 - 6



3.30pm – 4.40pm

3.30pm – 4.30pm




5 & 6








3.30pm – 4.40pm





5 & 6



Girls Football



3.30pm – 4.40pm




1 & 2



Multi Skills

Siblings Club



3.30pm – 4.30pm

8.15am - 8.45am



Club News

Here are our Year 3 and Year 4 school football team, who played very well in the league matches and finished in 3rd place.

Well done boys! 

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Ukulele Club

We have be learning lots of new songs and chords at Ukulele Club. We are looking forward to learning how to play Jingle Bells leading up to Christmas.

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Autumn Term 2017                     Siblings Club

This term at Siblings Club we have enjoyed doing a range of different activities with our brothers and sisters.

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Autumn Term 2015


On Thursday 15th October St John’s Netball Club took part in the Portsmouth School Sport Netball Tournament.

After five hard fought games and very many goals we came top of our pool, Pool A. We played against the winners of Pool B but sadly lost the match. We were therefore runners up in the whole tournament and got a silver medal each.


After Christmas we will take part in the Netball league with matches each week.

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Year 2014-2015


News from the Lunchtime Gardening Club


Gardening club began its outside activities on Wednesday 13th May. Mr Tann kindly weeded the beds and refurbished the wooden surround so we could get straight on with planting.

We planted yellow carrots, lettuce and parsley seeds, next week we hope to plant out the courgettes and runner beans we started off indoors. In order to get a good crop we will soon need to water the fruit trees if it does not rain soon!

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