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School Attendance - Miss School, Miss Out

It's important to ensure that each child attends school regularly. Evidence shows that children who do so are more successful, not only in school, but in all areas of life.


Missing school means not only missing out on lessons, but also clubs, friendships, trips and all the other opportunities that school has to offer.


If children understand the importance of regular attendance from an early age, it helps them to maintain that attitude throughout their school life and into their work life.


St. John's School is committed to ensuring that every child gets the chance to go to school to help them to get the best possible start to life.


Did you know?

  • Last year 1 in 5 children in Portsmouth missed a week of school because of unauthorised absence, leaving gaps in their learning.
  • Each day of school missed by a child will reduce their attendance by 0.5%, and will mean they miss five lessons. Ten whole days of school has been missed if a pupil has 95% attendance - that's 50 lessons. Twenty whole days of school has been missed if a pupil’s attendance is 90%. Catching up on missed lessons impacts on the pupil, the teacher and other pupils in that class.
  • If a pupil is persistently absent (90% attendance) they have missed 4 weeks of schooling.
  • Being 15 minutes late each day is the same as missing two weeks of school over the year.