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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher

Mrs. L. Park


Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs. A. Beaton

Pupil Premium Champion, EYFS




Nursery Teacher

Mrs. E. Brown


Reception Teacher

Mrs. A. Beaton


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs. H. Warren

KS1 Leader, Performing Arts


Mrs. C. Toole


Year 2 Teacher

Miss H. Brien






Year 3 Teacher

Miss L. Phillips

P.E, Sports club co-ordination

Year 4 Teachers

Miss V. Lawry



Mrs. R. DeBoo


Year 5 Teacher

Miss A. Minall


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs. A. White (Maternity leave)

KS2 Leader, Geography and History


Mrs. A. Ternan

SENCO, School Council and Communication


Mrs. R. Leaman






ECAR Teacher

Mrs. C. Coyle

Reading Recovery and Reading




Support Teachers

Mrs. A. Bailey

Year 6 Maths


Mrs. S. Cornborough

Year R Support Teacher





Nursery Nurse

Miss N. Adamson


Early Years Assistants

Miss. M. Borowiecka

Miss C. Stevens


Mrs. V. Tolfree





Learning Support Assistants

Miss. K. Brennan

Mr. V. Bwitanda


Mrs. K. Dunford

Mrs. K. Gardner


Mrs. J. Heller

Mrs. V. MacKenzie


Miss S. McKnight

Mrs. S. Smith


Mrs. T. Tracey

Mrs T. Vaughan





Mrs. C. Wilson


SIMS Manager

Mrs. C. De Filippo






Mr. P Tann


Head of kitchen

Mrs. R. Weeble