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Year 6

                                                                         Maths Day

We welcomed our local Police Officers

who spoke about Anti-Social Behaviour


Year 6 took part in Bikeability training where we learnt practical skills and how to cycle safely on roads.


Blood model

Year 6 created a blood model in a plastic bottle using orange juice for the plasma and oat hoops for the red blood cells. White marshmallows represented the white blood cells and raisins represented the platelets.


Digital Leaders Assembly

St John’s Digital Leaders delivered a whole school assembly on Safer Internet Day with the theme ‘All fun and games?' exploring respect and relationships online.


Investigating reflections


We used mirrors to investigate how light is reflected. We carried out three different investigations to see how we can see round corners using mirrors, use reflection to bend light and reflect light round bends.


DT: WW1 Trench models

Year 6 worked hard in groups to create amazing models of WW1 trenches.


Human circulatory system


We acted out the human circulatory system on the playground. Each person had to carry oxygenated or deoxygenated cells to the right or left side of the heart, to the lungs or to different body parts.


Fun with Science

Circuits wire loop game

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service visited Year 6 and talked to us about how to stay safe.

We looked at the causes of fire and what to do if we find ourselves in a dangerous situation.

The children learnt about what to do when we hear a smoke alarm: 1. Get out. 2. Stay out. 3. Call 999


WW1 and 2 Drama Workshop

Year 6 had a great drama workshop with Mrs Amey. It was fantastic to be able to dress up as evacuees and immerse ourselves in WW2.


Reception buddies 

Y6 and YR got to meet their buddies. We look forward to learning and playing together this year.


Our Trip to the New Forest

Beaulieu Stream Study