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Year 6

Class Teachers - Mrs. Bailey

                                                                                  Mrs. Leaman


February 2021

Last week, our whole school topic was Colour and incorporated the theme of Children's Mental Health Week "Express Yourself".


In Year 5 and 6, the painter, Wassily Kandinsky, was our inspiration. His colourful, abstract geometric paintings linked well with our maths lessons on angles and we considered the idea of colour expressing feelings. This enabled us to think about our emotions during lockdown in the form of colour and helped us create our own masterpieces.

Y6 had fun investigating circuits as part of our science work on electrical circuits. One of our challenges involved making circuit quiz boards.

Fr Phil visited Y6 at the start of term, to bless our classroom and then joined us in our R.E lesson, to discuss the different types of Sacraments.

As of our science investigations on the Circulatory System this term, Y6 had fun exploring the different components of blood. We worked in groups to create blood using white marshmallows to represent white blood cells; apple juice for plasma; Cheerios to represent red blood cells and raisins to represent platelets. We then named our amazing results.