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Year 5

                             Mrs. Munns              Teacher

                             Mrs. Cornborough   Teacher

                             Miss Brennan            LSA

                             Mrs. Dunford             LSA

                             Mrs. Heller                 LSA

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Curriculum Newsletters

Butser Ancient Farm.

We all had an amazing trip to Butser Ancient Farm where we learnt about life in an Anglo-Saxon village. The children had the chance to try lots of different activities. They were archaeologists and had decide whether the artefacts they found were really from the past or a modern item that could confuse them. They were builders - creating "clunch" from chalk, mud and water and using it to build a wall. They wrote a message in runes (Anglo-Saxon lettering) and finally, they attempted to spin wool into yarn threads for weaving. Everybody had an enjoyable and informative day.

The Invaders - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings


As part of our topic work on "The Invaders - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings"  Year 5 had been dyeing wool using natural materials. The children found out that you can dye wool blue/purple using red cabbage, yellow with turmeric, orange with carrots and brown with tea. this half term, they will use the dyed wool to weave a small piece of woollen cloth.