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Year 5

                             Mrs. Munns              Teacher

                             Mrs. Cornborough   Teacher

                             Mrs. Dunford             LSA

                             Mrs. Heller                 LSA

                                                Aspirations Week

This week, Year 5, have been having big aspirations for the future. We
have been looking at different careers and options for further
training post secondary school.
On Monday we were visited by four adults and we played “Guess my job”
using lots of searching questions to find out more about the roles of
: a children's lawyer, health and safety manager, cat sitter and
management accountant. We all learnt a tremendous amount.

Then on Wednesday we visited the Guildhall to explore options for jobs
and further training after 16. It was amazing as we were able to
wander around lots of stalls talking to all sorts of companies and
colleges. We had chance to tackle some challenging science activities,
as well as taste some yummy cookies and dress up.

Butser Ancient Farm.

We all had an amazing trip to Butser Ancient Farm where we learnt about life in an Anglo-Saxon village. The children had the chance to try lots of different activities. They were archaeologists and had decide whether the artefacts they found were really from the past or a modern item that could confuse them. They were builders - creating "clunch" from chalk, mud and water and using it to build a wall. They wrote a message in runes (Anglo-Saxon lettering) and finally, they attempted to spin wool into yarn threads for weaving. Everybody had an enjoyable and informative day.

The Invaders - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings


As part of our topic work on "The Invaders - Anglo-Saxons and Vikings"  Year 5 had been dyeing wool using natural materials. The children found out that you can dye wool blue/purple using red cabbage, yellow with turmeric, orange with carrots and brown with tea. this half term, they will use the dyed wool to weave a small piece of woollen cloth.