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Year 4

Visit to Fishbourne Roman Place (14.06.18)


As part of our work on the Romans, Y4 spent a fascinating day visiting the Roman Palace at Fishbourne.


We enjoyed looking at the amazing mosaics and Roman artefacts.



We also learnt some surprising facts about Roman baths and Mr Victor volunteered to have his chin hair removed with Roman tweezers!







Charley led a really fun workshop, where we dressed up as Roman slaves and tried out Roman writing; spinning wool; creating our own mosaic designs and working in a Roman kitchen.



We also tried building Roman arches.




Holly and Adebayo dressed as rich Romans and looked amazing in their outfits.


Luckily, the sun returned, so we could explore the lovely Roman gardens and pose on the outdoor triclinium. We had an amazing day.


Ancient Greek Workshop 25.01.18

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a fantastic day being Ancient Greeks for the day. We had fun acting out the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and later the battle of Marathon. David was a brave Theseus and James his father Aegeas, while Taylor enjoyed being Ariadne.

Lauren taught us some fun Greek games and puzzles; the Stomachion puzzle was invented by Archimedes and was a tricky tangram of 14 pieces.

We also learnt about Greek armour and weapons as the Ancient Greeks loved fighting. Nessi tried on a heavy bronze helmet and Ana held a huge Spartan shield - they both looked very impressive.

Lauren then split us up into Athenians and Spartans for our very own Olympics, which became very competitive. After a range of exciting events , Year 4 finally won. Lauren taught us so much about the amazing Ancient Greeks and made it such fun.

Recently Year 4 enjoyed a fascinating workshop on the work of ORCA - a charity that works to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises.


It was a fantastic hands-on learning experience for the children, who were able to handle a range of models and exhibits relating to different whale and dolphin species. We learnt some amazing facts about these wonderful sea mammals and the children responded very enthusiastically.