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Year 3

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Summer Term 2015




Summer Term Award Winners

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Butser Ancient Farm - 18 May 2015


Year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm to see what it was like for people living in the Iron Age. We saw the round houses they used to live in. We also made some different items similar to how they would have been made back then. We made clay pots , copper jewellery and chalk lucky charms.

We all really enjoyed the trip and learnt lots of really interesting facts!






Spring Term 2015


1st April 2015


Year 3 took part in a cluster Music event called Timescape. We all really enjoyed dressing up as historical people who have influenced the way we live today. It was a huge success and the children loved singing as a class as well as along with other schools.





Year 3 visited the National History Museum on Thursday 15th January as part of their topic on "Hunter and Gatherers". They have been looking at different parts in History and how their lives differ from ours. We went to see the dinosaurs and learnt about the different kinds of teeth they have and how we can use these to understand their diet.

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Autumn Term 2014



Year 3 went to the New Forest to learn about the effect
humans have had on the forest.
We made comparisons between the countryside and the town.