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Year 3


Creating symmetrical shapes and balances as part of our gymnastics unit in PE.



Year 3 have been learning how to write instructions. As part of their learning journey, they had to follow a set of instructions on how to make a woolly mammoth out of an empty milk container.




At the beginning of the Spring term, Year 3 investigated rocks and soil as part of their Science topic. They learnt how to identify different types of rocks and went on a scavenger hunt around the school to see what natural and man-made rocks they could find. They also participated in lots of practical investigations to find the different properties of rocks and soil.

Y3 are really enjoying their weekly ukulele lessons and are learning to accompany songs with both chords and notes.

 It's a pleasure to  hear them play so enthusiastically.


Year 3 have been designing healthy sandwiches as part of their DT project. First they tested a range of different products before designing their own.

Y3- Investigating light and shadow.

Year 3 performing poems from around the world.