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Year 3

Class Teacher - Miss Minall

Year 3 Stone Age Drama Workshop




What an exciting start to our new topic this week, we had a drama workshop full of interesting and fun activities.



We started by looking at a timeline showing important things that have happened in history.

After that we travelled even further back in time to 40,000 year before Jesus was born! This period is known as prehistoric times.




When we got back to our classroom a rather strange cave had appeared. It was full of interesting artefacts from the Stone Age.

We worked in groups to perform a mini drama using some of the tools and items we found inside the cave.



To finish off the day we crushed up charcoal and mixed it with water. It was a bit messy!

We used the black charcoal to draw onto pieces of cloth. The Stone Age people painted amazing artwork inside the caves they lived in. It’s incredible when you think how old they are.

What a super day we all had! 






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                                            Lest We Forget

Dear Year 3 Parents,


Welcome back to school, I can’t believe we’re into our third week already. The children are settling in so well and are so happy to be back with all their friends and teachers. These first two weeks have been so important and we have spent many lessons talking about our experiences, our worries and our hopes for the school year. The children have been extremely sensible and have shared many important emotions with each other.

My priority this year will be closing any gaps in learning from the children’s time away from school, whilst integrating this into new learning within the Year 3 curriculum. Interventions will be in place for any children needing help to catch up and challenges will be planned to promote greater depth understanding.

All children have now been assessed in reading and their new level books have been sent home. We will be sending 3 books home each Monday and these are to be kept all week until Friday. Once returned, the books will be quarantined over the weekend ready to reissue the following Monday. Please try to hear your child read each day to help build up their stamina and comprehension skills.

The children have also completed a baseline multiplication test ready to log onto Timestable Rockstars. Login details and passwords will be sent home shortly. Please encourage your child to practise their tables regularly.

If you have any concerns please feel free to catch me during the drift in time of 8.45 – 9.00 am. A parents’ meeting will be arranged before half term to discuss your child’s progress.

Many thanks for your ongoing support,

Miss Minall