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Year 3

                                         Miss Minall           Teacher


Egyptian Drama Workshop


Year 3 enjoyed an Egyptian Drama Workshop. What a great way to start our new topic!

We had the chance to examine artefacts up close and we all dressed up like Ancient Egyptians.

Later in the morning we acted out scenes from the Pharaohs being mummified.

At the end of the day we learnt and performed a song all about mummification. It was a bit gruesome!

Topic Homework


Year 3 have really enjoyed sharing their Topic Homework



Delicious Polish potato cakes to try.



A super board game all about interesting places in Poland.

There are lots of facts to learn as you play!





Look at our amazing models of Stone Age settlements.



In Year 3, we are really enjoying learning how to play the recorder.



Each week we learn how to play a new note.

We have also been learning how to read musical notes and what the symbols mean.

It won’t be long before we are ready to share our tunes with you.


Year 3 had a great time celebrating BBC Music Day with the Portsmouth Music Hub.

We went to the Guildhall to see ‘The Jive Aces’ perform.

Some of us went onto the stage to sing and dance with the band and the Lord Mayor!


Visit to the Watercress Line

Year 3 have had an exciting start to the new term with a trip on a steam railway!

We visited the Watercress Line to experience exactly what a Victorian train journey would have been like.  The station was beautiful and the smell of the steam was amazing.

We will be looking at the story of Phileas Fogg in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’. He was a Victorian gentleman who travelled to many different countries using lots of different modes of transport.

Our visit to the railway will help us to imagine what his journeys were like.