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Year 3

                                              Miss Minall    Teacher

                                              Mrs. Heller    LSA

One World Showcase                             

Year 3 have had such an exciting week!


On Thursday evening we took part in the One World Showcase at the Guildhall. The Portsmouth Music Hub songs helped us to understand pollution and recycling.

We learnt so much about saving our precious planet.


The children looked very professional on the stage and their singing was fantastic! It was so exciting to sing alongside a live band. Well done everybody for a wonderful evening.

Recorder Concert

Year 3 have been learning how to play the recorder this year.  We have enjoyed mastering many different notes and can now play lots of different tunes.

To celebrate our hard work we invited our families along to enjoy a concert. One of the songs we played was a little out of season – Jingle Bells! Unfortunately, we hadn’t learnt enough notes back in December!

Year 3 are learning all about the Ancient Greeks.


We had a wonderful drama workshop this week to get us started.


  • We looked at the city-states and thought about how different the citizens were in different areas.
  • We learnt all about the God Dionysus and the importance of theatre to the Ancient Greeks. We acted out stories and had the chance to wear Greek masks.
  • We finished off the day by acting out the different events in the Ancient Greek Olympics. Have a look at our freeze frame actions!


  It was such an enjoyable day and a great way to get us ready to learn lots more this term.



Scooter Workshop

Year 3 had a scooter workshop today.


We were taught how to start and stop safely using our feet carefully.

As well as scooting in a straight line we had a go at slalom scooting too.

It was great fun and we played lots of different games.


At the end we understood control, pavement etiquette and how to use our scooters safely.

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Year 3 were invited to an unveiling ceremony at the Landport Play Park today.


We all entered a competition to design a poster encouraging adults to keep the play park smoke free.


The entries were all amazing and the people from Portsmouth City Council had a job to pick a winner. They decided that the best one was designed by Marsela in our class.


The Council were really impressed with our views about clean air and smoke free areas. As a result, they are going to put posters in parks throughout the city.









We have been reading “The Sandman and the Turtles” by Michael Morpurgo.


The story is set in Wales and the children take Welsh cakes in their picnic to the beach.


We weren’t sure what these were so we decided to make some!


They were easy to mix but quite tricky to cook! We didn’t mind because it was great fun anyway.



Our focus author for this half term is David Walliams. As well as reading his books in class, Year 3 were lucky enough to see ‘Awful Auntie’ on the stage at the Kings Theatre.

We loved the scenery and the actors were amazing. It was quite scary in places!