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Summer Term 2017 Curriculum Newsletter

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Autumn Term 2016 Curriculum Newsletter


Ukulele Concert - 6.12.16


Year 3 and 4 gave a wonderful Ukulele concert to the staff and parents. Everyone was so impressed with the progress the children have made in just a few sessions. Many thanks to the wonderful tuition provided by Portsmouth Music Hub

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September 2016 Butser Ancient Farm


Year Three had a wonderful trip to Buster Ancient farm as part of their Stone Age to Iron Age topic.


We were amazed at how the houses were made and couldn't believe that they used fire and animal skins to keep themselves warm.


During the morning we helped with 'Clunching' which is the process that the Stone age people used to make daub to put on walls and fences to give them strength and keep them waterproof. Our favourite part was when we were given stone hammers to bash up chalk into a fine powder. Next we added some mud and some water. Then we had to squeeze the mixture into a ball before we pushed it onto the wall. It was a messy job but the wall is much more secure now!

Our second job was spinning. We twisted real sheep's wool and used a spindle. Stone Age people must have been very talented because our wool kept breaking apart.

After lunch we did 'Wattling' which means making a woven fence from large, bendy willow branches. We really had to work as a team to get the job done and our fences looked fabulous at the end.


Our final activity was Archaeology. We were each given a tool and a patch of ground and had to scrape away the soil carefully so that we didn't damage any of our finds. We found metal barrel belts, pottery and pots. We couldn't believe how digging under the ground could teach us so much about the past.


We had such an amazing day although we're not sure if we could live in the Stone Age time without all of our much beloved technology!

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