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Year 3

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Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter



Year 3 have taken part in a project this term in music learning to play some simple accompaniments for the Stravinsky Firebird Suite. This is their performance after three weeks of rehearsals. They performed as ensemble fantastically.


Spring Term

In the Spring term our topic was ‘The Greeks’. We loved finding out all about the very first Greek Olympics and researched using books, pottery pictures and the internet .


We really loved our Greek Drama Day because we got to dress up as Greeks and make Freeze frames to portray how the various Greek city states lived.





In English we read Greek Myths. One day we came into school to see these objects had mysteriously appeared in our playground, has a Minotaur been to visit our school? We measured all of the objects and worked out how big he must have been, just so we could keep a lookout!

Next in Maths we had an exciting Potions Class when we made a sleeping potion just in case the Minotaur should return. We carefully measured out and added together a variety of potions.




We loved our Greek Day with Year 4 at the end of the topic. We tried lots of Greek activities whilst dressed as a Greek, including: tasting Greek food, learning a Greek Dance, solving Pythagorus’ triangle and square number patterns, designing some Greek pottery, having a philosophy lesson and making chariots from construction kits.

World Book Day 3rd March 2016

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter

Congratulations of our Pupil of the Term

and Star Award Winners





Year 3 have had a busy Autumn Term.


We began with a topic called 'Around the World in 80 days' when we had a fantastic time using atlas and maps to name the continents and explore why the equator is so warm! We also became pirates for a day and used our compass directions to look for treasure around the class.






                                                          During DT we designed a box to hold a snack for Phileas Fogg on his long journey. First we looked at food packaging and carefully took it apart to find out how it was made. We experimented using a range of nets and finally made our own net box complete jam sandwiches, brand names, ingredient lists and a price tag.




In science, we experimented with magnets discovered that when north and south poles are near each other they pull together and when two south or two north poles are together they push away from each other. We made up actions to help us remember the meaning of ‘attract’ and ‘repel’.













Wow, look, a paperclip can still be attracted to a magnet, even through all of these materials!



In RE we learned about the significance of baptism. We enjoyed taking part in pretend baptism and finding out about the signs and symbols.