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Making Tudor Houses

Thank you for all of the boxes. Y2 have been working hard to turn them into Tudor houses, like the houses that were in London in 1666, the time of the Great Fire. So far we have painted them white to represent the daub, which would have been made with a mixture of clay, straw and dung! Next we have carefully added black, paper strips to be the wooden wattle. The class measured the strips against the box to make them the correct size before cutting and syicking them in place. They worked carefully together as a team. We will keep you posted on our progress – roofs next!




The Great Fire of London Drama

This week Y2 have acted out the Great Fire of London. We pretended to be the Tudor houses, all squashed together. We were able to see how the fire spread from house to house, helped by the cramped conditions, dry wooden frames and the wind.

We tried to extinguish the fire by passing buckets of fire down the line, but just got wet and exhausted!

Finally, we had to blow up some of the houses to make a firebreak and stop the fire spreading.


A visit from the Fire Service

On Wednesday we were fortunate to have the Fire Service visit us. We were pleased to hear that fire-fighting has improved since 1666.

The class learnt how to call 999 in an emergency and decide which emergency service to ask for. Please help your child to learn their address and postcode so they are prepared if they ever need to call for help.

The children practised making good decisions about what is safe and not safe to play with. They also learnt a rhyme to keep them safe around matches and lighters. Finally, we learnt the importance of smoke alarms and how to check them regularly.