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Year 2

Class Teacher - Miss Phillips

Curriculum Newsletters

Year 1 and 2 have been reflecting on what it must have been like for the disciples on that very first Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit helps us today.


Autumn Term

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the year. We began by finding some unusual items buried in our outdoor area; wine, cheese and part of an old diary. We found out that these things belonged to Samuel Pepys who was alive at the time of the Great Fire of London in 1666. This kick-started our exciting topic of The Great Fire of London.



The fire started in a bakery so we made bread and then wrote instructions. next we read Samuel Pepys' diary and imagined we too were alive during the Great Fire. We used our senses to explore what life was like and wrote our own diaries.



In History we used sources to find out about The Great Fire. We compared London life in 1666 to now. In Geography we learned about London landmarks today and looked at maps from the past and present to find out how London has changed.




The Arts

In art we used pencils to sketch lines and patterns that we could see on The London Eye. We also experimented with mixing different amounts of red and yellow to make flames on our Great Fire picture. 

In dance we listened to Manuel de Falla's Danza, 'Ritual del Fuego'. We used movement to express how the fire spread through London with the strong winds and how the people of London tried to put the fire out.

In music we sang 'London's Burning' as a round with children leading each group.

Watch the videos of our dancing and singing.


We started by learning about Creation. We retold the story of Noah and Jonah and thought about how they can be role models for us.



We have worked hard to partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones using maths equipment and have also learnt about the less than and more than symbols (< >).


What a busy and exciting first half term. We can't wait to see what learning is in store for next half term!