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Year 2

                                              Miss Brien       Teacher

                                              Mrs. Gardner    LSA

Mary Rose


What a wonderful and interesting day Year 2 had at The Mary Rose learning about how the rich and poor worked together on the ship.

Southsea Castle

Year 2 enjoyed their visit to Southsea Castle where we learnt about its link to Henry the VIII.

Animal Riddles


Year 2 have written their own animal riddles. We got a chance to try them out with Year 1

Year 2 have been hard at work, planning, measuring, cutting, sewing and decorating to make coats for their teddy bears.


 They were very happy with the result.

Pacific Islands


Year 2 are learning about the Pacific Islands including what Hawaiians wear as their national dress.

Spring Term Homework


Scooter Workshop

Year 2 learnt how to be safe on their scooters out and about in Portsmouth.

Bake Sale

Year 2 decided to show our faith in action by organising a bake sale to raise money for refugees as a result of our RE lessons and assemblies.


We raised £64- what a great way to start of the half term holiday.


Thank you all who helped raised this money.


Year 2 visited Manor Infant School and performed songs about Fairy Tales. We even sang on our own and did a wonderful job at entertaining the other school children that were there. The whole class represented the school in the best possible way.

Year Two welcomed Fr. PJ in to help answer some of our Advent Questions

Year Two's phenomenal Take-away homework.

You've done yourselves proud.

Year 2 planned and created their own flavoured porridge. It tasted just right!

Year 2 visited Asda to investigate the flavours that are available to help us create our own flavoured porridge.


We made a tally chart of our findings

Victoria Park

Year 2 enjoyed their walk to Victoria Park, and used their knowledge of physical features and compass points. We used our observations to create maps when we got back to school.

Folk Dance Festival

A group of Year 2 children took part in the folk dance festival at the Irish Club in October- we got to meet other children and join in with the Ceilidh dances we had learnt. 

Great Fire of London

Year 2 had a wonderful introduction to our 'Great Fire of London' topic with our drama day led by  Mrs Amey.


During the day we pretended to be the growing fire and rows of Tudor houses. We all got a chance to dress up in Stuart style clothes and act out what happened on those eventful 5 days in 1666.