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Year 1

                                        Miss Brien      Teacher

                                        Mrs. Tracey     LSA

                                        Mrs. Jamil       LSA


Year 1 are concentrating on the element of balance in our gymnastic lessons.


Year 1 have been investigating what objects float and what object sink. We then tried to create a floating object from plasticine.


World Book Day


Year 1 celebrated World Book Day with the rest of the school by making a book character spoon and sharing stories. We tested out book knowledge by having a quiz- Pupils vs Teachers.


Year 1 had a wonderful drama day becoming toys that come alive!

We also looked at materials that old and new toys are made from.

Video of our Christmas Carols


Year 1 went to look and observe landmarks in Portsmouth including

The Guildhall.

Year 1 had a visit from Fire Brigade that talked to us about keeping safe against fire. We learnt to Get Out, Stay Out, Call 999

In Science this half term we have been exploring materials- describing their features including whether it is magnetic or waterproof.

Year 1 went hunting for 2D shapes around our school.

Y1 have been busy investigating their five senses in Science.
Here they are having fun tasting and smelling different foods and exploring their sense of touch.
Year 1 had a wonderful time at Southsea Beach- finding out about human and physical features. Even in the wind we could spot the beach, sea, pier and canoe lake! 

Year 1 have been learning about how we can look after God's creation in little ways- caring for plants, helping each other and making the world cleaner. Here we are hard at work!

Year 1 have been creating maps of around our school. We have drawn the human features that we observed during our field trip.


Year 1 have been thinking about God's Creation and showing which part we love the most in different ways- drawing, puppets, lego, the computer.