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Year 1

                                          Miss Phillips    Teacher

                                          Mrs. Tracey      LSA

                                          Miss Brennan   LSA

Marwell Zoo Trip

We had a fun filled day at Marwell Zoo, we loved seeing so many animals from all over the world! Our workshop was very interesting and we were allowed to touch some creatures- some were alive, and some were not- can you guess which ones? During our workshop we sorted animals and learnt that mammals have fur or hair, reptiles have dry scales and fish have slippery wet scales.

What a great start to our 'On Safari' topic for the summer term.


Year 1 gave a fantastic liturgy on the lessons we can learn from the parable of The Prodigal Son. They were very ambitious and acted out the parable whilst Father Phil read the scripture. Such a sensible and talented class! 


In Maths, we have explored number bonds of 10 using a wide range of apparatus such as tens frames, part part whole models and numicon.
We have also begun to familiarise ourselves with the place value of teen numbers and used equipment to represent these numbers

Geography Topic

As part of our Geography topic, Barnaby Bear came to visit us. We went for a walk around our local area and showed him some important features in Portsmouth: the town, the Guildhall and the park.  We recorded the different types of shops that we saw and sketched some fantastic pictures of the Guildhall.



During our artwork we were inspired by the flowers that we saw. We used a variety of familiar objects to print with and experimented how they could be used to create flower pictures.



Year 1 have started the year by learning all about themselves. We loved drawing around each other and naming the body parts.  After reading Funnybones by Allan and Janet Ahlberg the children used art straws to create skeletons.


As mathematicians, we have been counting to 20 and beyond. We have been thinking especially about finding out 1 more and 1 less than different numbers.