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                                     Mrs. Beaton   Teacher

                                     Mrs. Tolfree    Early Years Assistant

We are Reception Class

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Pure Sounds

Here is the link to the Phonics video that I showed you at the Parents meeting at the beginning of term.  It will help you to hear the 'pure' sound of each of the letters that we are learning in class.



In Reception this half term, we have been learning about our world, God’s wonderful creation!


We went on a ‘Creation Walk’, to spot some of the things God made.








We worked together to make a beautiful Creation display!

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We acted out the story of Noah’s Ark and thought about how we could look after God’s world. 

We created our own Noah’s Ark dance!

We have had great fun in Reception this half term listening to the stories Supertato and Super Daisy!


We had fun on our Supertato obstacle course!

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The Evil Pea got up to lots of mischief in our classroom!


We went on an Evil Pea hunt to try to catch him!


We had fun looking at frozen peas and carefully counting them.  We wrote speech bubbles to imagine what Supertato and the Evil Pea might be saying to each other! We made our own potato Supertatoes!





We made traps to try to catch the Evil Pea!  At last, we caught him!