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Mrs Beaton        Teacher

Mrs Cornborough  Teacher

Mrs Tolfree    Early years assistant

Mrs Jamil  LSA       Mrs Bunmi   LSA


We Are Reception Class

Our Class Trip To Staunton Farm
When our butterflies were ready we set them free, we all said a prayer to keep them safe

Caterpillars arrived at school, we gave them food and watched them grow.

When they made their chrysalis we moved them into a net.

Slowly the butterflies hatched into lovely painted ladies!

The Living eggs arrived at school.

We have had great fun watching the

chicks hatch in the incubator

We have loved getting to know them
We designed some play equipment to keep our chicks busy

We have been listening to the story of 'The Little Red Hen'

 and we enjoyed acting it out

This week we had Scooterbility training.

We learnt how to ride our scooter safely.

On Shrove Tuesday we had great fun

making yummy pancakes!

Some of the animals escaped from the zoo, we went on a

hunt to find the animals and used iPads to take a photograph

of where they were hiding!

We love the story 'Dear Zoo' By Rod Campbell.

We learnt the Makaton signs for all the animals too!

We had great fun making our own zoo with all the different animals!

Father Ansel came into our class to talk to us about 

being a Priest and the different jobs that he does

We loved listening to the story ‘Supertato’, a fantastic book about a superhero potato!! We had great fun helping Supertato to find the Evil Pea, when we found him we squirted him with our water sprays!

We helped Supertato rescue some vegetables that the Evil Pea had trapped in ice!!

We made some patterns using healthy vegetables that Supertato had left for us!!

We used our problem solving skills to make some traps to catch the Evil Pea !

We went on a ‘Creation Walk’ to look at all the wonderful things that God made.

We listened to the story of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. We made our own yummy porridge. We put honey on the top to make it taste nice!!

We used porridge oats to fill different sized containers and talked about which container would hold the most spoonful’s.

We pretended to make our own magic porridge pot potions!!

We found that a mysterious beanstalk had grown in our classroom!! We saw a giant footstep at the bottom and a very big pair of boots!!

We went outside to look for things longer and shorter that the Giants footsteps.

We used the construction to see if we could build a beanstalk for Jack to reach the Giant.