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Letters and Sounds - Information for Parents

Congratulations to our Spring Star Learners 2018

To celebrate 'World Book Day' we made story characters using fruit and vegetables, look at our wonderful creations!

Poor old Pat is not very well and has had to go to the vets. One of Pat's friends came to keep us company!

Pat came back and we were very excited because he is looking very well and can hop again!

We have changed our role play into a vet's surgery!

We read the story of 'Mog and the Vet' we have been writing our own Mog stories!

We have been learning about 2d shapes

We have been looking at some paintings by the artist Kandinsky. We have been using 2d shapes to create pictures in the style of this artist

We went to the Guildhall to watch a musical story called 'Stan and Mabel and the Race for Space'

Tom the Tale Teller came to visit our school, we enjoyed listening to his many stories using props from his story telling bag

A mysterious box arrived from the zoo - it was a puppy! we named her Isabella

We used the weighing scales to find out which animal was the heaviest and which was the lightest

Some of the animals from the zoo had escaped, we used the Ipads to take pictures of where they were hiding

We programmed our 'beebots' to travel around our zoo to visit all the different animals

We have had fun learning all about polar bears!

We wrote about what polar bears like to do!

Our Star Learners Autumn term 2017

December 2017

Helping Elsa

We wrote letters to Elsa to tell her we had found her hand

Olaf the snowman helped us with our more and less maths work

Elsa was so pleased that we found her hand she made our school frosty and left ice for us to investigate

A mysterious beanstalk grew in our classroom!

We found some very big foot prints at the bottom! 


We found objects and made towers that were longer and shorter than the footprints

We made our own handgym magic beanstalks

We planted lots of different seeds and beans. I wonder what they will grow into?

We made little bags to keep our magic beans safe!

Children In Need Day 2017 Year 6 came to play

A bag full of magical goodies was left in our classroom. We used them to make our own magic potions!

We listened to the story of 'The Magic Porridge Pot' we then cooked and tasted yummy porridge

We made our own magic porridge pots out of clay

We used porridge oats to fill different sized containers. We found out which container held the most porridge and which held the least amount

We turned into superheroes and thought about all the good deeds we would do!

We listened to the story of 'Supertato' we enjoyed lots of learning activities based on this fantastic book!

The evil pea had trapped some more vegetables. We helped Supertato to rescue them!

We thought about what Supertato might say to the evil pea

We made our own supervegetables!

We made superhero soup to make us strong and healthy

We read the story 'Super Daisy'

Some of planet pea landed on the playground, we made posters to warn people not to touch it!

We learnt about our own super senses!

Year 6 and Reception