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                                                                            Nursery 2020-2021

In nursery we have been learning about light and dark.

We made a dark reading den in both our classroom and outside space. We used torches to read our stories. We also looked at our shadows and thought about how they are made from both the sun and the moon!

At the end of the week we made patterned firework pictures using sticks, glue and glitter.



                                                                        Nursery week 6


This week we have been thinking about Autumn. We looked carefully at the autumn leaves, we talked about their changing colours of orange, red and brown.

After that we made piles of leaves and jumped in!  



                                                                      Nursery week 5


The morning parents had a lovely time sharing their child's learning journeys with them. 


                                                                           Nursery week 3

                     This week we have been thinking about God's creation on a bug hunt in our outside area.                          Later in the week, we painted faces and made self- portraits using

play dough with googly eyes, feathers and wool.                                                 

  We talked how special we are to God and our families.              

                                                                      Nursery week 1


                 After our first full week at Nursery, the children have started to settle into nursery school.                  They are beginning to learn about our daily routines, listening to and sharing stories and getting

                     to know one another whilst they are playing together!