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Nursery Teacher - Mrs. Brown

           Nursery Nurse - Miss Adamson

                                               Nursery Assistant - Miss Borowiecka

Nursery News

Dinosaurs and Volcanoes


Lots of children were interested in dinosaurs and volcanoes.


This week we had lots of fun making a Paper Mache dinosaur land and experimenting with volcanoes.  We made our own lava bottle explosions using vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarb of soda.



The children learnt about Jesus leaving his friends and going to Heaven. 


After we had fun blowing bubbles and watching then float away.



With all this rain, what better way to spend the day, jumping in puddles!

Gingerbread Man


Using our outside kitchen we made gingerbread men and thought of ways to keep him in the house!



We have cared and looked after our plants and now they are ready for the outside garden!



We enjoyed watching the Easter chicks grow.

We have been looking after some plants.

We have been listening to some traditional stories, we especially enjoyed the Three Billy Goat Gruff story.

We have been finding out about sun and road safety.

Christmas Party

Nursery Nativity 2020


Learning through Play