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Picture 1 Teacher Miss Coulling
Picture 2 Nursery Nurse Miss Adamson
Picture 3 Nursery Assistant Miss Borowiecka

Summer Term Curriculum Newsletter

Nursery Trip - Cumberland House Natural History Museum


We had a wonderful time exploring the Natural History Museum. We looked at dinosaurs, fossils, animals, bumble bees and explored the books and jigsaws in the library area. Then we went to Canoe Lake and had a picnic. A good day was had by all!

Spring Term Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter (1)

18th November 2015 - We all enjoyed the seeing the farm animals and asking questions about them.

29th September 2015


We had a wonderful time using the outdoor equipment today. We had a try at climbing under, over and through the tyres, benches and ropes. We used our arms to help us balance along the benches. We even helped each other to walk along the bench carefully.



21st September 2015



Our first few days at Nursery have been very busy! The children seem to be settling in well. This week we have introduced our Nursery routine and we are learning about our Nursery behaviour expectations.

All children have explored the Nursery and are beginning to find and explore their own interests.