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Year 6 'Young Entrepreneurs'

Year 6 have had a hectic few days; planning, cooking, packaging and, finally, selling their products.


They have tackled a variety of challenges in their 'Young Entrepreneurs' topic.  Students have had to decide on: group members - to create a 'company'; design a logo - to advertise themselves; create a product and sell it; whilst considering costs and profit margins!  Maintaining harmony within their groups was sometimes challenging and problems had to be overcome; often they encountered tasks they hadn't done before - like washing up the pots and pans!


We haven't got the final figures yet but believe there is a profit of around £100.  This will be combined, with any monies raised from their end-of-year production, to be donated to their chosen charity (still to be decided).


All of the children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and, we're sure you'll agree, the final outcome was a huge success