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Year 6 visit the University of Portsmouth


This term our Year 6 children spent an entire day at The University of Portsmouth for a ‘Mini-University Experience’. The day involved taking part in a mini-lecture based around an academic subject, a tour of the University, where the children got to see a selection of the University’s first-class facilities; and a whole-class graduation ceremony, where the children wore real gowns and mortar board hats and received their own graduation certificate.


The University of Portsmouth’s UP for Juniors team organise for 1900 children, from schools in and around Portsmouth, to visit during the month of June and early July every year. The team aims to encourage children to think about their futures, increase their confidence levels, understand how higher education works, and above all, raise their aspirations.

Our Year 6 children have returned from their trip to The University of Portsmouth feeling inspired and excited about the possibilities that their futures hold for them. We (the staff) are very proud of the way the children embraced the University experience and hope that the children’s university dreams will one day become a reality.


To find out more about the work that UP for Juniors team do with children in your area, visit their website at . You’ll find lots of information, games, worksheet activities and competitions for your children to get involved in.