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Updated Home Learning Advice

Updated Home Learning Advice



Dear Parents,                                                              


We understand that there are astronomical amounts of pupils all over the world trying to access learning platforms such as Purple Mash and Education City from home because of Covid 19. We have heard this is making access quite challenging for families during peak periods. Please don’t despair. We don’t want our families here at St John’s to become stressed over this or to worry unnecessarily during what is already a challenging time.


Home Learning is not just about doing English, Maths and subject specific homework. We aren’t expecting you to deliver hour long lessons. The teachers are setting manageable learning with support for the children where they need it.


 The most important thing you can give your children at the moment in terms of home learning are life skills. For example, activities such as sowing, map reading, gardening and singing, giving them general knowledge, stories, a few household chores and some cookery are all great because everything you do at home is connected to learning in some way. Don’t forget the importance of discussion – talking will always improve language and thinking skills.


If you need any support at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are here for you.