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Times Table Rock Wrangle 2018 Tour

Children in KS2 have been thoroughly enjoying times tables this year. After some fast and furious     'try-outs' in school, three children from Y6 qualified to go to the 'Rock Wrangle'.


The event was held at Bolingbroke Academy in Clapham and fifty schools were represented. Our children were amazing and had a fantastic experience.


Upon arrival they were issued with T-shirts and a goody bag as a souvenir of the day. Next, there was a photo shoot, where the teams posed as rock stars; followed by the knock-out heats - our children were fast...averaging between 48 and 55 correct answers in one minute; finally, there was an opportunity to become members of a live band, 'Rock Steady'.

Sadly the adults were dragged in to help with the singing...Mrs Bailey and Mrs Vaughan were obviously very enthusiastic! One of our team took part in the 'Air Guitar' competition in front of the assembled audience of about 200 people - he really rocked!


Although our team didn't make it through to the final 16, it was a very exciting competition. The overall winner managing an absolutely mind boggling 403 correct answers in 3 minutes...more than 130 a minute! He was whisked away for his reward - a helicopter flight over London.