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No Pens Wednesday

Dear Parents,


St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School has signed up to an exciting one day event, which schools across the country are getting involved in called No Pens Day Wednesday. It takes place on Wednesday 7th October.


So what is No Pens Day Wednesday?

The aim of the day is to encourage the skills of speaking and listening, which is a part of your child’s national curriculum. 

For one day, children in the school will put down their pens and all lessons and activities will have a focus on speaking and listening skills rather than writing skills. Teachers will assess what children in their class have learnt about the lesson by listening to what they say about it.


Why are we taking part?

Reading and writing are very important and valuable skills but people are often not aware of how important speaking and listening skills are too. Schools that include speaking and listening in a planned and structured way for children in their lessons see improvement in their classroom involvement. Ofsted inspectors (who check standards in all schools in the country) are noticing more and more that speaking and listening is a really important factor for good teaching and child performance in successful schools.


How will your child benefit?

No Pens Day Wednesday gives your child a chance to practice their speaking and listening skills for a whole school day. The day will allow all pupils in your child’s class to become involved in a whole school event, and to contribute to class activities, getting a chance to talk. St John’s Cathedral Catholic Primary School pupils will be able to use what they have learnt from this day throughout the school year.


If you want to know more about this day, then speak to your child’s class teacher form tutor.