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Greek Day - Year 3 & 4



As part of our Greek Topic, we had a Greek day, were we dressed in traditional Greek clothing and did a range of Greek themed activities. The children were split into 4 groups of 15, with a mix of year 3 and 4, which were named after the Greek Gods: Hercules, Zeus, Athena and Hera. The children took part in a variety of activities throughout the day, including Greek Philosophy, Dance, Pottery, Chariot design, English, Maths, Alphabet and a Quiz. They really got into the spirit of the day and enjoyed having the chance to work with different people while learning more about the Greeks in a creative way.


To finish off the day, we all gathered together to share what we had enjoyed and what we had learn throughout the day. After that, we all had the opportunity to taste traditional Greek food, stating what we could taste; how it looked and how it smelt. The children tried: olives, feta cheese, holloumi cheese, hummous, tzatziki, pitta bread, moussaka and Greek yogurt with honey.