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Romero Award

Oscar Romero was the Archbishop of San Salvador in El Salvador. He spent his life as ‘the voice of the voiceless’ working for the poor and forgotten and continually encouraged people to ‘aspire not to have more, but to be more.’ On the 24th March 1980, he was assassinated for continually speaking out for the poor.


The Romero Award is a charitable award to help Catholic schools and colleges put Catholic Social Teaching in to action.

It recognises, celebrates and encourages schools to:

  • Live out the message of Jesus

  • Care for our neighbours

  • Make the world a fairer place

  • Tell people about how and why we should care for others

  • Raise money to help those in need

  • Make a real difference to world we live in


As a pilot school for the award, St John’s are currently at the participator level and working on the developer level. We are using every opportunity to learn about injustice in the world, raise money for those in need and…to put our faith in to action!

Big Voice for Good

Big Voice for good is a group of junior children who make pledges to help live out the vision of Oscar Romero in our school.

These are some of the pledges that the members have already achieved.


To help create a display in the prayer area.

To help younger children with their learning.

To lead prayer in the school. 

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