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Jottings from St. John's

6th May 2018


We seem to have started the term with a bit of an animal theme. As part of our work on new life, we welcomed 10 ‘Living Eggs’ in to school. Over a couple of days, we watched them hatch and grow and are now caring for 10 cute little chicks. They have been very popular with children, staff and parents and very well cared for by our Year 6 chicken monitors. We will be sad to say ‘Goodbye’ to them when they return to their farm at the end of the week.


Last week, Year 1 and 2 were amazed and impressed by a visit from some birds of prey. They were introduced to an Eagle Owl, a Harris Hawk and a Peregrine Falcon and enjoyed learning all about what they eat and how they hunt. Unfortunately, the local Portsmouth birds were not impressed when the falconer demonstrated their flying skills across the playground!


Continuing with our animal theme…Mrs Ternan has been running ‘The Goldfish Project’ for the last few weeks. A group of children from Years 4 and 5 have worked together to research and plan for us to start keeping goldfish at St John’s. They have now set up the tank, learned about how to care for cold water fish and worked out a rota for feeding them. The fish will arrive this week and I can’t wait to hear what they will be named.


As always, we continue to pray for you and ask that you remember us in your thoughts and prayers.


Laura Park

Head Teacher

29th  March 2018


There has been much written in the media about the narrowing of the primary curriculum and the focus on Government test results. Here at St John’s we continue to recognise and nurture the variety of gifts and talents that our young people have. We work hard to ensure that our children are exposed to a wide range of sporting, art and cultural experiences so that every child can find their ‘thing’ and every child can experience the buzz of success – not a narrow, externally moderated success but a genuine, spiritual understanding of who they are and what they have to offer.


Through our mission statement, ‘Loving to learn; Learning to love’ we encourage every member of our community to be aspirational, resilient and responsible learners and this term has been a real testament to this shared mission. We have been inspired by an assembly presented by the Olympian Katy Sexton, challenged by a visit from scientists during science week and taken responsibility for our own actions during our Lenten Penitential service.


In always seeking to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, this term has seen both Year 2 and 3 involved in singing projects that culminated in evening performances in font of huge, appreciative audiences; Year 5 and 6 experiencing life as children from World War 2 and our school teams participating in local leagues with great determination and sportsmanship.

Our term ended with a moving Holy Week Liturgy led by Miss Brien and a wonderful celebration assembly to recognise the gifts and talents of our very special school community.


Laura Park

Head Teacher

22nd  December 2017


As you can probably imagine, the last few weeks of term have been very busy and very exciting. The School Council organised ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ and a fundraising activity to buy vouchers for the homeless, we enjoyed a Christmas dinner together as a whole school and shared our Christmas show with our families and friends. As well as this, we had Christmas parties, Christmas craft activities and the wonderful Nursery Nativity. It was a very joyful end to a very busy and productive term.


We return to school on Monday 8th January to begin the Spring Term and are very much looking forward to starting our new class topics, and getting to grips with Times Tables Rock Stars – a computer based app which helps children to practise their multiplication and division facts in a fun and motivating way. We will also be welcoming in a story-teller later in January for story-telling week and be appointing some Junior Road Safety Officers to further explore how we can keep the school site and surrounding areas safe for both road users and pedestrians at the beginning and end of the school day.


Finally, on behalf of all the children, families and staff at St John’s, I’d like to wish you a very happy, holy and peaceful New Year.


Laura Park

Head Teacher

3rd December 2017


Children across the school have been enjoying their learning with Year 1 and 2 finding out about the geography and culture of China, Years 3 and 4 exploring Polish culture and Years 5 and 6 fascinated by their work on India and in particular the significance of the River Ganges. The Reception class are currently immersed in the world of fairy tales and were delighted when Canon Dominic joined them to carefully cross the troll bridge!


Our sporting teams have been very busy this month with the hockey players having a great season and the football team hoping to be confirmed as second in the league this year. Children from Key Stage 1 enjoyed a racket skills tournament last week and the netball players have worked hard all term improving their speed and skills.


We have been blessed with good news recently and are delighted to let you know that Mrs Coyle is expecting a baby in the spring and Mrs Wilson has just welcomed a new granddaughter in to her family. We wish both families well.

As we begin Advent and the last few weeks of term, along with lots of fun learning opportunities, we have a carol concert, Christmas show, Nursery Nativity and our school Christmas dinner to look forward to.


Laura Park

Head Teacher

5thtNovember 2017


A few weeks ago marked national ‘No Pens Wednesday’ – a day when we are challenged to put down our pens and pencils and focus on speaking and listening activities. It is a very popular day in school with drama, art, music and ICT used very well to facilitate learning across all areas of the curriculum – and most importantly it is a day that reminds us all of the importance of rich, stimulating conversation and active listening.

As a pilot school for Heartbeatz UK, we were recently invited to QA Hospital to attend the National launch of the project. The children sang beautifully and demonstrated CPR to guests, the press and members of the public. They were then delighted to be presented with goody bags for themselves and a defibrillator for the school – for which we are very grateful.

This week Year 6 have been on the Isle of Wight for a few days at an activity centre demonstrating their courage, perseverance and resilience. They have faced their fears, challenged themselves and worked collaboratively as they enjoyed activities such as abseiling, zip-wiring and climbing.

Over the coming weeks we are looking forward to a theatre production of Hansel and Gretel, a wind band concert and a carol concert. Year 6 will be meeting members of the Red Cross to find out about the plight of refugees and all classes will explore respect, tolerance and compassion during anti-bullying week.


Laura Park

Head Teacher